Taylor Swift, “Bad Blood”

The choreography and cinematography almost ruin this video; you can’t slap a Sucker Punch pastiche on and call it a day. Notice how much more realistic the action looks during those final chorus cuts. Our brains can’t linger on the green-screen discrepancies, unlike the seconds-longer shots used throughout the rest. Like, I love Tay-Tay, but this ain’t worth the money dumped into it. “Blank Space” (with same director Joseph Kahn!) self-mocked & satirized, while the long-take silliness of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was folksy & fun. Both evoked a consistent tone. “Bad Blood” is fluff, as lightweight as whatever rocket launcher stand-ins the cameos hefted before the CGI team worked their magic, and it’s telling that the video’s top choreography is the boxing match. The whole debacle reminds me of Ariana Grande’s “Break Free,” which was too uncomfortable for me to even finish.

(“Shake It Off” was so forgettable it can stay unmentioned up til now.)

Phillies Fan Rips Home Run Ball Away From Old Lady

Not sharing this for the class act grandma-shovin Phillies fan but rather the sweet conclusion where a rep comes by with a shirt and some conversation. I dunno, there’s a tiny prickle of joy I feel when I see two people in a congenial conversation that I can hear none of. Reassuring to glance on happiness apart from my own.

Banter in the House of Commons

I’ll admit that this is a fun tradition for the highest political powers to participate in, but good god could Cameron and Miliband be more nerdy? We can see why Brits still love the Queen.

Miguel, “Coffee ft. Wale”

I was gonna say something about only Miguel’s coffee being able to wake Wiz out of his stoned haze for this smooth morning groove, but turns out its Wale. A fresh brew all the same.

Tyler the Creator, “DEATHCAMP”

I know I’m not the first, but can we reflect on how a teenage skate collective spawned Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean? Were these geniuses lucky to cross paths? Or were they always artists, emboldened by a team, a community of their own design? A lot of people might take that as “lol those kids would never make it on their own,” but I’m more interested in the freedom, the lack of self-consciousness engendered by a team fully supportive of your efforts. “We’re all creating, so just create.” Anyway, even though I worry that Tyler is being consumed by the Pharrell Effect (all dreamy funk and falsettos), he remains dedicated to sounding interesting & fresh. Whereas Earl is a lyricist and Frank croons, Tyler pushes at production, balancing “DEATHCAMP” on the edge of a prison riot riff.

An Eye For An Eye

many people know that violence begets violence but what they also do not know is that peace begets violence, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind unless i claim your eyes first you weak soonblind hippie, should’ve sold your eyes while you had the chance, this whole world about to be full of blind people and then me starin at em