Dillon Francis, “Not Butter”

Clown prince Diplo-sidekick Dillon Francis releases a wonderful deconstruction of music videos and the EDM marketing process, amping up the sequence in response to ad exec “notes.” I would’ve liked to see more silliness along the way (the party goes from normal to vapid to orgy, which are pretty pedestrian categories if we’re supposed to be going balls-out as Francis intends) though the final shots almost make up for what’s lacking.

All that said, in a music video about music videos, it’s a little weird he didn’t touch on the fact that “Not Butter” was on an album released eight months ago. There’s this seemingly-new tactic going around where songs are getting pushed at particular times– this isn’t a case of “Not Butter” suddenly going global like, for instance, Lorde’s “Royals” and her ensuing career. This is more akin to the video for smash 2014 hit “Turn Down For What” debuting four months after the single dropped, with summer conveniently around the corner. Music videos are being strategically released by labels to influence our pop standards, a task formerly best suited to radio play schedules. Change in the air.

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