All Is Lost; Nightmare Man “Surprises” Wife With Her Own Pregnancy 

If the internet isn’t pumping cynicism into your gut, you’re done for. Finished. You are a sucker, a mark for every adman and narcissist out there. Whether “satirical” news sites (lamented elsewhere) or videos like this one, your share and your care are going to a lie. And, like, yes, reality TV to Realpolitik, there are plenty of lies we’ve already raged against and with which we’ve come to an understanding. But this is the newest shape, lies of the Internet Age, and the common-man humanity of all its smarm is what makes discerning the bullshit even trickier: “he couldn’t lie to us! He’s a happy dad! He is not DadCorp. He is us.”

No: fight. Doubt. Doubt everything on this World Wide Web if it isn’t packaged as entertainment. Doubt that your friends’ lives are as thrill-a-minute as their profiles would indicate. Doubt the vlogger construct, doubt the intimacy they purport to share.

I’m trying to keep mellow across the internet these days, but this comment on the original article inspired me to write this whole reaction, as it is a surgical splish of red paint across the rose-tinted glasses foisted on us by the pregnancy video. Take or leave the invective, but the perspective is perfect:

“Sweet, can’t wait to see the viral video showing her devastation if she should miscarry in a few days or weeks.

Seriously, get a fucking job and an ounce of dignity.”

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