Huffington Post – There’s Something Missing From This Photo Of Late-Night TV Hosts

How can people even argue over this, given how it all shakes out?

Until all demographics are represented equally through “natural” means, we have stereotypes and regressive perception to dismantle as a society. Anyone arguing otherwise is speaking on behalf of conservatism and an inequitable world. The positions in the debate over this topic reduce to “this isn’t as good as it can be, what can we do about it?” and “this is fine, stop talking about it.” I can’t see a positive outcome from the latter.

Like even if women turned down hosting offers, there’s a reason why, and that reason is rooted in inequality. Otherwise we’d see a flawlessly-representational rainbow coalition in that Vanity Fair shoot. The alternative is believing that white men and a disproportionately small number of black men are inherently better at comedy than every other race, every other gender, etc.

Also, finally: it may not be the most marketable thing for networks to take a chance on diversity, but it’s the fucking ethical thing, and defending poor ol’ little billion dollar corporations for trying to max out their dollar doesn’t sit right with me either. Hopefully in a couple of decades some executive at one of the networks will remember this uproar (or the many others) and decide to sacrifice a yacht in order to attempt at making the world a better place.

Seriously: how can the status quo be defended? I can’t wrap my head around simply being “okay” with the limited ways we interact with and value each other as human beings.

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