We cannot have a meaningful revolution without humor. Every time we see the left or any group trying to move forward politically in a radical way, when they’re humorless, they fail. Humor is essential to the integrative balance that we need to deal with diversity and difference and the building of community. For example, I love to be in conversation with Cornel West. We always go high and we go low, and we always bring the joyful humor in. The last talk he and I gave together, many people were upset because we were silly together. But I consider it a high holy calling that we can be humorous together. How many times do we see an African-American man and an African-American woman talking together, critiquing one another, and yet having delicious, humorous delight? It’s a miracle.

bell hooks reminds me that I should read her, and more books, and all books. (wait dang is books just a portmanteau of bell hooks?)

KYLIE UP CLOSE: Crystal Healing

Both statements made by the healer begin with the word “Literally,” when I can’t think of a further-from-literal concept than crystal healing.

I can totally identify with Kylie & non-famous friend, this is how I react to someone telling me about crystals:

But then she in it:

The power of the crystals is evident: