May 16

I’ve got a new sort of listening rotation where I plan on posting in the middle of the current month to share last month’s playlist. But it should allow me to keep music delineated truer to the months based on when I was listening. Doesn’t really mean anything to you, given that you aren’t me and also we’re all irregular visitors here.

Anyway. I think this is a really strong playlist. All came together really well. Start summer (halfway through it) right.

Edit: haha its literally the first day of summer. ok

May 2016

“My gun can’t just fire on its own!” actually dipshit as a machine (one that just so happens to be designed for killing) your gun is subject to mechanical error at any time independent of what you do or do not do short of building a flawless gun with your bare hands and necessary materials dipshit and, in fact, the only gun-related concept that “can’t just fire on its own” is an absolute lack of guns in that the only way to never accidentally shoot and kill someone you love with your gun is to never have a gun in the first place dipshit given that human error hasn’t vanished (example) but I guess those who hold these opinions are, as gun advocates, the least likely dipshits to weigh the responsibility of owning a gun with the gravity it deserves haha its cool im cool to drive gutys