I found this photo on the Facebook of a woman who lives in the Bronx’s Mott Haven neighborhood. It was captioned “MOOD.” It was the most valuable find of an hour-long Facebook wander.

Pitchfork, “Nintendo 64’s Hidden Musical Gems”

It’s upsetting to think that if I had focused more on critical writing or plied some NY internships a bit more, publications might be tapping me to write articles like this (or at least I’d feel confident enough in my talents that I’d write ’em on my own and shop ’em around). But nope! I’m stickin’ to jokes. At least I get to read the strong videogame music analysis that I’ve desired since I was approximately 11 years old.

Kent Russell, “It Stinks”

On my way out, downwind from the front entrance, I really got a whiff of the thing. It smelled like an air horn sounds. Like cosmological smelling salt. It smelled like the best poetry, that which helps a man “reclaim substance and sense, and physical and psychological reality.

On the corpse flower’s “indifferent, cosmic energy.”

Kent Russell and John Jeremiah Sullivan war for my humanist non-fiction heart. They’re on another level.

An0nymooose, “berdst friend”

Did I somehow not post this? How did I not post this?! I am panicked, sweating, at the prospect of having failed to share this, my favorite video of the past month. I feel like An0nymooose’s source songs become more complex with each new clip, which is so impressive considering his mode of creating a story FROM the song.

It’s not quite the future of stop motion animation, but it’s certainly futuristic. I suspect in 5 years, there will be super intuitive spinoffs of Steam Filmmaker available to kids and the young-at-heart. Scratches the same itch as 3D Movie Maker for Windows did me… But Steam Filmmaker has a slightly higher bar for entry.