The New York Times, “Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored”

Look at the glee expressed by the attendees. Like the guy pictured in the thumbnail in the blue shirt– he literally dances through his insults of protesters. He dances up and away.

The woman who says “If you don’t speak English and you don’t contribute, get out” immediately turns away from the camera to walk away. Her body language says “I think this is a mic drop moment, but deep inside I know I’m scared.” Or maybe I’m projecting.

Screenplay Idea – Party Hard

Two junior agents at a top entertainment firm end up at a bitchin’ party with some A-lister, and it looks like they’re gonna sign the star… But then the next morning everyone wakes up and some attendee is threatening, through a lawyer, to sell photos of them to TMZ. Photos of celebs and agents alike railing phat lines of blow. A-lister’s career looks like it’ll be ruined, the agency top brass presents a unified front: these two junior agents will be fired if they don’t figure something out. So….

They say “fuck y’all as red as our septums!” They know the old guard is on their way out, so they bet it all on publishing the photos and standing behind them: “look at how hard we rage. Now join our new splinter boutique agency: RAGENCY.”

And it works out perfectly. Their former bosses are blown away as clients are peeled off left and right. Celebs love working with two “down-to-earth” guys, and they love the fact that they can keep up as well as the big boys. The clients become more laid-back than high-strung, putting in some of their best performances.

But these new power players soon realize… That they can’t maintain this pace forever. They may not work much, but they also aren’t sleeping much. They aren’t sober much. Are they gonna make it out alive? Life may be hard, but party? Party Hard.


(This is just an excuse for me to make a movie that’s 90% party montages to make sure nobody else ever films one again. I’m doing them all. It’ll all be done.)