September 2016

Didn’t I warn you? A lot of 2016’s best here, I already know it. So much that I’m certain I didn’t order this playlist that well. Too many decisions to make. I already wrote about “the valley,” but there’s the beach-bound tropimelancholia of Big Z’s “Fading” remix, the anti-drop chalkboard-nails of GTA’s “Quit This City,” and the pop perfection of the RAC’s “Back of the Car” … So earwormy in its who~oas that I had to fit the original and a remix in here (hint: the remix is better). There’s weird (Wahlid’s “Just 2 Boyz”), there’s earth-rattling (GIRLI’s “ASBOys”), and there’s other songs that have nothing to do with boys.

And October ain’t slowin’.

September 2016


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