It’s wild to me that writing is understood to be difficult enough that “writer” is a full-time job/title that few of us hold and yet, when we end up in an online argument, we almost exclusively use writing to tackle topics so complex that thousands of published books still haven’t put them to rest.
I can’t think of a discussion on this platform, even between people in agreement, that isn’t rife with misunderstanding & miscommunication. What’s worse, any argument lacks charity on the grace of it being an argument. I can’t count the number of times over the past year that I’ve started a comment or reply and realized my participation is 100000% hopeless.
I don’t mean to share well-worn directives like “discussions on the internet are unimportant” or “Facebook pales in comparison with a head-to-head heart-to-heart.” But does anyone else feel the same way? That you can’t win an argument here because an argument never existed, the win conditions are unknown, and you’re also incapable of winning due to your own personal limitations?

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