I got 30 seconds into this trailer and thought to myself “sinful nuns trawling for ass? Sounds like The Decameron.”


They’re gonna put me in the movies/
They’re gonna make a big car out of me/
I’ll play a van that’s rad-explodey/
All I gotta go is fast; furiously/


[insert photo or gif or video of any pop culture reference to an airplane or a fight, bonus points if it’s both in one, apparently this all it takes these days, this satisfies, i am a content creator, i am an art]
Consider why we might not provide the same treatment to Sean Spicer’s holocaust of a press statement today. Consider the previous sentence. Consider why we don’t share video of James Bond choking out in a hermetically-sealed vacuum chamber with “#SeanSpicer” flashing in Impact font over top. I don’t know what to consider about it, I don’t know where you might land, but I wonder how our humor and memes wind around these topics, eroding the edges as they rub and constrict.


I have been following Paul Robertson for over a decade now. I know I shit on much joy and I also abhor advertising, but I have to share this. It’s not even the first animation that Robertson has done for Adult Swim, or even Rick & Morty. But guys I think I just want to prove to you that there are many cultural objects out there that make my eyes well with tears and find my soul a-tickled. Maybe I don’t share them on the sosh because I want to keep them all to myself, or maybe I don’t share because the 70% of my lifespan spent on the internet has taught me that no 1 curr. But there are so so so so so very tons of items out there that fill me with a squiggly custard of pleasure (not cum). So…. Here’s one. And maybe I’ll tell you about another one sometime soon. Or maybe I’ll continue to pass culture through a snark-sharpened tablesaw.

EDIT: fuck off wordpress, the embed shows up fine in the drafting screen, goddammit, i’m not even attempting to fix this, just click the goddamn link, all i wanted to do was be positive in my internet writing for two seconds, now i’m so mad again, i’m furious, fuck off