It’s gonna be tough to prep you for this one.

The 17 minute video is a TAS of a video game for the 1996 Atlanta (!!!) Olympics. “TAS” stands for “Tool-Assisted Speedrun,” though this particular video has little to do with speed. Where many speedruns are attempts to complete games as quickly as possible, tool-assisted ones are played frame-by-frame using special software in order to ostensibly complete the game in a perfect fashion.

But this is more of a glitch showcase, played frame-by-frame to break the game by means of inhuman inputs (for instance: hitting a button six thousand times in one second). The resulting spaz-out by the game is the entertaining part. Athletes completing freestyle swim races half in the fetal position, half floating above the pool dancing victoriously. Hammer throws that hit the back fence and are recorded as flying 500 ft, smashing all world records. Post-competition celebrations that entail tumbling endlessly, out of the arena, hurdling phantom hurdles into eternity.

Meanwhile, the video is ripped from its original source, the Japanese website Nico Nico Douga. Which is basically Youtube, except comments fly across the screen depending on when they’re typed & placed. In case it serves as guidance: “wwwwww” is laughter. The red text is placed by the video creator.

Okay, hey, that wasn’t as bad as I thought! What’s bad is that I enjoy this.

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