Muki, “Sassaparilla”

My favorite moment each week is when my “To Listen” playlist quite obviously flips from the songs dropped in from New Music Friday to the songs compiled for my Discover Weekly. You end up going from Coldplay or Keith Urban to something like this computer pop future angel.

Terror Jr., “Caramel”

It’s like I’ve said for years: why should the Tori Amos types and black metal bands lay claim to all lyrics containing the word cervix? No more. We need all the in-your-face bumpable shiz referring to lady anatomy that we can get. And deserve.

“Between October [2016] and March, the U.S. Office of Government Ethics received more than thirty-nine thousand public inquiries and complaints, an increase of five thousand per cent over the same period at the start of the Obama Administration.”

Fantastic quote from this article because it suggests only two reasons for the situation:

  1. Trump’s opposition is way smarter at using every possible political avenue than Obama’s opposition.
  2. Trump is a uniquely awful president.

March 2017 / April 2017

Do we do the things we do because we like them or because we must? Here’s the music:

March 2017

April 2017

Edit: Welp, Spotify changed how embeds work. Not sure what to do now. I’ll keep trying things but everything is a mystery, nothing works correctly.

Edit 2: dang im good

Edit 3: three of my last six posts include the word “welp,” so no, I’m not so good. Embarrassing. Each word should only be used once a month, tops.