Maybe part of the reason that we all end up in loveless relationships glued by inertia is that

When we meet a random person whom we think is hott and their personality doesn’t immediately clash with ours, we spring at a new hope (with the added bonus of a hottness factor) only to see that hope peeled away as you realize, no, this person wasn’t the promise of my hope. But it’s too late, you live together. You have a baby. You divorce and do it again.

But when we think about the prospect of falling in love with an old friend, we consider everything we know about them– we know about their flaws, their fears, their neuroses. We think we can see 5 years down the road when their dream might eventually conflict with yours– you want to stay in Topeka near your parents while he needs to become a chef in Bangkok to feel fulfilled. But it’s just that, it’s a dream, and dreams are meant to be crushed by life.

Dreams are being crushed left and right so you might as well grab ahold of love in the hopes that your dreams and their dreams are no different.

(If this post makes no sense it’s because I started it over a month ago and it’s been sitting open in this tab since then and I’m tired of it. Bye, post. Be free.)

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