March 2018

I cannot be stopped.

Or rather, Slime Girls’s “Warpstar (With You)” can’t. Youtube (of all places!) recommended me an album of theirs, and after a little bit of quick browsing I ended up with a tune that I’ve listened to 200+ times since. Reminds me of Anamanaguchi at their earlier, more-8bit-than-rock inspirational best.

“Baby I’m Bleeding” is an assault from a rapper self-nicknamed Peggy, barreling into any targets within reach over a beat balanced on the knife’s edge between functional and failing. That one was a friend recommending Jpegmafia and flipping around his jams at random.

Or Red Velvet’s “빨간 맛 Red Flavor,” first heard during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Or Branchez trap-country croon “Turn Up For The Weekend,” which an old friend blasted in his car between bars. Or classic jukebox-exclusive horn-em-up “Strokin,” which I first heard from a pixie girl at karaoke. She knew most of the words, but the ad-libs are tougher.

Yep, the music’s always coming. And so am I.

Coming to meet it at the threshold of pleasure. In an arrival sense. Get your mind out of the gutter and deep into the sewer, where I reside.

okay thats enough

March 2018

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