More Facts on Psychofacts 🙂

I was ready to make a joke about there being a People Week but then I realized that’s what the news is.

I hope sharks don’t watch because it would just make them depressed.

Haha a shark narrator, menacing voice all distorted by bubbles, reading “every summer, despite shark-kind’s best efforts, the deadliest predator encroaches on our ocean territory. We’re going to accompany famed anthropologist-shark Tooth Finman up onto the driestsandiest land you’ve ever seen as he gets face-to-face with …. Humans: Killers of the Sunny Earth.”

Turtle Sex With A Shoe

This is video two in a series: “Animals Making Uncharacteristic Sounds.” I’ve needed a blog on that topic since the internet was text-based. That’s right, no need for audio, I’ll welcome written description.

Surprised beaver meets a skunk

I’ve met a couple of skunks in my neighborhood. I was walking the same direction as the first one I met so while passing it I sang “Hey skunky, haaay skunky,” and then realized that, since there aren’t any laws about when or why a skunk can spray you, I was already tempting fate by walking within sight of a skunk. Like it could have chased me down and sprayed me; I can’t get it arrested like you would do with any madman wielding pepper spray. Perhaps my dryad’s song protected me.

All that to say that I can identify with this whimpering beav.