Internet Rabbit Hole – Justin Bieber, “Sorry”

The dancers appear triumphant, ebullient. It is impossible to watch “Sorry” and not find oneself wanting in on some of that—perhaps by attempting to re-create the faux lassoing that begins at about a minute and ten seconds in, as if frantically trying to rope back some recently escaped animal. It is impossible not to feel as if you would benefit from a new pair of neon-colored sneakers.

Amanda Petrusich’s article about Bieber’s latest tune left no question when it came to whether I’d watch the video.

Which made me re-watch “Baby” to figure out which I thought was the better Bieber video & single:

Which made me wonder what sort of cuisine is served at this restaurant:


And also led me to discover the following quote from Bieber’s mom about Scooter Braun, the man who launched Bieber’s career:

[She] was reluctant because of Braun’s Judaism. She remembered praying, “God, I gave him to you. You could send me a Christian man, a Christian label!” and “God, you don’t want this Jewish kid to be Justin’s man, do you?” However, church elders convinced her to let Bieber go with Braun.


And fall into a string of Bieber vids that I’d never watched before, which have taught me that even if his vocals are often too cloying for me (“Sorry” and “Baby” being exceptions!), his beats, choreography and visual concepts are stellar.

Like “Where Are Ü Now” (which I would love to go through frame-by-frame someday to pinpoint particular hilarious scribbles).

Or “Beauty and A Beat,” which is so fun-loving. I don’t really know how it flew under my radar with such a fat drop and Nicki ribbing Selena in her rhymes.

But more importantly, the dance moves in “Sorry” never left my mind.


So I sussed out videos from choreographer Parris Goebel’s dance school, Royal Family. Here’s a show from 2013 that held up real well:

And here’s a competition performance from August of this year:

And I really wanna know who the hell is cutting together her scores but I’ll have to leave that for another digital warren. Sorry.


hi haterz

minions of the CSA

Made this today because I’m incapable of anything actually good or healthy for myself.


the laughing fruit – Tomba! 2 (Whoopee Camp – PSX – 1999)

requested by cameos

In the early days of my teenaging, I exchanged Tomba! 2 and fourteen other Playstation games for a $100 discount on a PS2. Smooth move. The only game I regret sliding across that Gamestop counter more is Team Buddies (and if obscurevideogames highlights it, I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to ramble).

But I don’t like Tomba because he’s worth monies, I like Tomba because he was the star of two very weird, artfully-designed and traditionally-difficult platformers. Set in an open world, most of your missions concerned helping people with their little chores and errands (like laundering giant birds) and grappling pig soldiers with a hold that maximized chafing (see the above animation). I regret giving this game up because I only beat it once, and didn’t 100% its many questlines and interwoven stories. That’s the least it deserves.

Oh well, I’ve got other trade-ins up my sleeve that could probably cover a new copy and provide investment funds for Tomba! 3.