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This makes me want to write a webseries that just redubs various anime scenes, a la Fensler Films’ classic G.I. Joe run. Too bad I don’t ever watch anime for the sake of my many other interests lol maybe once I’m 65 and retired I’ll just build an anime cave and that’s how I’ll wind down before death.

“And we have some SEX All the TIME!!!!.”

(on the real people post pictures like this on their facebook. Isn’t it reassuring that, even if you’re down on yourself, at least you aren’t really really really fucked up?)

Soul Like De La: DBZ analysis


The show overall is stupid. But is action movie cool. But overall just full of inconsistencies. I don’t get why nothing ever deviated from Goku. He’s goofy. He eats alot and is dies alot. Is he stronger than Superman? I’d say Broly probably could beat Superman. That said, why are so many…

Even though I’ve scaled way back, (which is more an admission of sadness than proof of coolness), I like reading manga a lot more than watching anime. I prefer to read more than watch all stories in the first place (my Netflix has subtitles on permanently) but there’s also a business reason that big-name anime has a lot of padding that doesn’t seem to be common knowledge:

DBZ, like most anime, started out with the comic. Manga is released once weekly in ~15pg chapters. Popular manga will get picked up as a show as its storyline continues, usually at least 100 chapters in. But an anime runs for 30 minutes, rapidly outpacing the comic despite the same weekly release schedule. Soon your TV show has caught up with its source material (Game of Thrones much?).

So anime showrunners (which are probably given a highly specific technical title and I wish I knew it) have two options to keep from getting ahead of themselves. They can produce a TV-only storyline as filler with little input from the series creator that will be widely derided by fans for not “maintaining the standard” or……. They can turn 15pgs into 22min every week by including a lot of grown men screaming and flexing at each other.

Chaz, I know that doesn’t directly address what you wrote, but it’s a long-held thought of mine that I’d never written and I think it still supplements your ideas.

… also manga art is way cooler

Soul Like De La: DBZ analysis

Oh good, I reached the final chapter of today’s Internet usage. Now I may rest my weary brain for the night.