I haven’t even listened to his music yet; this guy needs to be near the top of that Forbes highest-paid DJ list based on his name alone.



Here’s another little ditty from the Peachtree Battle album. It’s called, “I’ve Been Waiting For This” and it’s one of my favorites. It’s sort of a “coming of age” movie, but in a song…. Instead of a movie.. I hate trying to describe a song. Awkward.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it.


Pre-order Peachtree Battleon iTunes (out 9/17) cd/vinyl (out 10/22) 

This post caught my eye in the tumblr radar and it was like spotting an old friend around town. Which is weird, because I wouldn’t consider myself a Butch Walker fanboy: I have an album at home, but largely listened to one song (“Hot Girls in Good Moods,” forever a jam) and haven’t explored the rest of his catalog. He’s parked dead-center in the intersection of honky-tonk bar music and pop, which makes sense considering he’s been a producer for Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy and even Panic! At The Disco.

Or maybe I feel close to him because he reps Atlanta so hard. This forthcoming album is Peachtree Battle and “Hot Girls in Good Moods” is all about a girl who “swears and stares at the Buckhead ladies.” Yeah, he gets it.

Inman Twins, Doris Duke Heirs: The Poorest Rich Kids in the World | Culture News | Rolling Stone

Anyone who has taken a frisbee or a slackline or a blunt to Inman Park in Decatur might have their next visit colored by this article. Even after the death of their Michael Bay-inspired tweaker father, the two heirs are no closer to stability. if only people liked money less ~siiiigh~

Inman Twins, Doris Duke Heirs: The Poorest Rich Kids in the World | Culture News | Rolling Stone

Big Boi, “In The A feat. Ludacris and T.I.”

Only Big Boi has the presence necessary to sample his previous record on the new one. When I’m back in Atlanta in three weeks, I won’t have my own car. But any chauffeurs will be offered the chance to have me blow out their power-windows to the beat of this song. Act fast before this once in a lifetime opportunity gets snapped up!