Smile – Galantis

Damn. Where was this track last summer?

I’m pretty over standard house music, but here’s a track with lyrics that jive with my own personal brand of nihilism. Other videos can keep their sullen, serious twerking-for-money; I dare you not to re-enact the title upon seeing these sexy beautiful people treating sex like the joy it is. I personally started crying a tiny bit and spit hissed staccato giggles out of my own grin, but I’m in a weird place right now.


Lights Out: Everyone loves making city time-lapse videos, especially as documentary filler footage — but NightFall, covering L.A. over a series of days and nights, stands ahead of the pack. 

It actually makes the smoggy hellhole look beautiful.


I may just be delirious from my 17 hour workday but I feel very alive and lucky right now so this video is hitting extra hard. My new home~

JP Auclair Street Segment

My mouth was hanging at half-mast for 44% of this video. The rest of the time was spent giggling or tearing up. I’ve never skied in my life. I know this is five minutes, but it is well spent on both a beautiful piece of cinematography (when the skier shoots past the old dude biking I cracked up) and well-choreographed athleticism (from a ramp to an awning! I feel like I’m playing SSX again.) Oh, and “Dance Yrself Clean” helps any video.

This is from a full-length film, All.I.Can, which features other skiers doing their moves. So check that out and report back to me, thanks.

I don’t know who created this, but I really want to give the artist credit. Credit cards attached to my name so that he can live in luxury for the rest of his life.

I’ll never stop loving Earthbound.

(Messed-up tangent: I wanted to type “he or she” for the third person pronoun, then wanted to settle on “he” cause it was cleaner, then wanted to use “she” to defy expectations, then was afraid that I would be seen as interpreting some essentially feminine characteristic about this piece so then I said fuck everything to goddamn hell. At least now any feminists know the sheer torture I put myself through.)