Gawker, “Brands Are Not Your Friends”

The prevailing online marketing strategy for brands in 2015 is to blend in with the children, become just another bae to fave and retweet.

It shouldn’t have to be said out loud to sentient human beings that this is bad. But it is. It is sinister and bad and says a lot about how we have collectively lost our minds as a species. I’m afraid and sad for everyone.

This year-old article is on the banner at Gawker today, which is fortuitous considering it’s one of my favorites, due for a re-read. A quick, crucial message about navigating the funhouse mirrors of the internet, and a read that’s centered around the sort of stunt we should all be pulling (Gawker’s injection of a Coca-Cola bot with Mein Kampf quotes, and the ensuing backlash courtesy of, presumably, non-employees of Coke).

I follow their model. Our relationship with brands should be one of active antagonism. They war for our attention and adoration, and the best tactic we’ve got to counter them is pointing out the thirst for blood behind their grimaces.

(Yes, I am still dwelling on the “death” of Gawker’s independence. But I hate their brand too.)