April 2015

Since the excitement of March carried over into the following month and I mostly kept myself entertained with those fresh tunes, I didn’t have much inspiration to share this; hence the massive delay. Still, we got Natalia Kills representing for penal colony pop (in the shadow of Iggy Azalea) and Sharpless with two other highlights from The One I Wanted To Be.

May is shaping up to be another wild month of music, but in the meantime I figured I could tide you over with this playlist of mine that could easily be titled “My Favorite Songs From The Past Five Years-ish” (it’s actually called “need these near”). What I know about myself is that, circumstances be damned, sometimes my brain will demand to hear “Bubble Butt.” Or any of the other songs I’ve popped in here. They’ve remained on my mind consistently while many other tracks have come and gone. They, like all my selected tunes, are hella obnoxious. Enjoy.