Upsetting that I’m now the prime demo for The New Yorker but not quite as upsetting as Luke’s chill at the prospect. I mean, c’mon, that’s a big favor by Chewie.

Ann Telnaes, whom I’ve always appreciated for her crystal clear, light-hearted caricatures, tackles religion as justification for slavery and rape.

She doesn’t need to submit a portfolio for the Pulitzer. This comic says it all: she’s a master.

In honor of Tim Kreider replying to my Facebook post on his wall (because the acknowledgment of any person is more than I could ask for, much less a role model of mine), here’s his tribute to his cat, a collection of illustrations sourced from other comics of his throughout the years.

Thanks to humans’ unnatural lifespan, adopting a pet is adopting eventual sadness (apart from Galapagos tortoises). (I’m also afraid I’m paraphrasing another writer there… I’ll have to double-check.) A pet’s love is a finite resource, moreso than most of the love we experience.

Click to embiggen.

This is a frame from an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, proving they were on some Silent Hill shit. Plucky’s tongue is crushing his own brain and his rictus smile holds strong.