In honor of Tim Kreider replying to my Facebook post on his wall (because the acknowledgment of any person is more than I could ask for, much less a role model of mine), here’s his tribute to his cat, a collection of illustrations sourced from other comics of his throughout the years.

Thanks to humans’ unnatural lifespan, adopting a pet is adopting eventual sadness (apart from Galapagos tortoises). (I’m also afraid I’m paraphrasing another writer there… I’ll have to double-check.) A pet’s love is a finite resource, moreso than most of the love we experience.

Click to embiggen.

the strawberry was grown organically and so was, of course, doused in urine by the roaming field coyotes. this cat still retains some instincts despite domestication!


After Brian treated me to a delicious meal at the Joshua Tree Saloon, I peed in the woods and we headed home.

There, I was greeted by voicemails from my friends, gorgeous flowers (and a balloon!) from my family, peanut butter chocolate cupcakes from my roommate, and sweater weather cuddles from Emmie.

I’m a lucky girl.