Sane Cat Lady of the Day: Lynea Lattanzio, owner and operator of The Cat House on the Kings, has been in the business of rescuing cats for nearly two decades — and business is good.

The 12-acre no-cage, no-kill rescue sanctuary and adoption center is home to over 700 cats, with more being added daily. “I’m not crazy,” says Lattanzio, a surgical veterinary techinician by trade. “What I do is crazy.”

The Lady with 700 Cats airs on NatGeo WILD next Saturday, July 30th @ 10PM EDT.

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As much as I love this sovereign nation of cats, I have to ask: why does every shot of a cat in a news report need meowing sound effects added in? It’s not like we have random party sounds blaring whenever a silent giraffe or manatee is covered in Planet Earth, so it’s not a matter of expectation.