November 2016

Getting pretty close on that turnaround time, you were only waiting five days with baited breath this time. Charli XCX continues to be the hardest partying popstress out there. She’s like Dark Ke$ha. The “Step Down” remix provides a chopped-up music box Elliphant for your dainty get-downs. The Orwells’s “Buddy” fills the FIDLAR-shaped hole in my heart (for the time being), and “C100” by DJC tromps through the jungle in a mechanical warbeast, and somehow I just came around to “About The Money,” and and and

Just listen~!

Nov 16

Charli XCX, “You (Ha Ha Ha)”

As soon as this track opened, I knew I was home. In my apartment full of fluorescent light where I can crank up dark-pop and scream.

Charli’s album has been a long time coming, as “Stay Away,” a jam in its own right, was released/looped on my headphones nearly two years ago(? I think? I’m not checking). Even better, this song samples “You” by Gold Panda (a jam in its own right), which I first discovered thanks to Hood Internet’s mash-up (a jam in its own right) of that song and Lil B’s “Real Life” (a non-jam in its own wrong, because it’s not good at all). So this is a real confluence of good feelings right here. And I still have the next ten tracks to finish out. Yes.

I hope her real last name is “Ecksiex.”