Jack Beats, “About to Get Fresh feat. OV and Chiddy Bang (Brillz remix)”

I got too excited about this surprise twerk-scovery to save it for later. Featured yesterday, Brillz included this remix in the brand-new set I linked to. It stood out enough on my listens that I hunted it down in the track listing: Jack Beats always have the right tempo and style, but their melodies are constructed out of the same springy synths each time. It gets boring, so Brillz came in and put a different bounce to the sound, slowing it down and spacing out those synth hits. And it’s always a pleasure to hear Chiddy Bang spit his insistent flow.

Chiddy Bang, “Talking To Myself”

With Chiddy Bang’s new album Breakfast, it sounds like the eponymous Chiddy has attempted to break away from the set-up&punchline rap of his past efforts. Not content with self-aggrandizing non-sequiturs strung together, we have something close to a narrative from him here: the fall-out after a breakup and whether the actions you take can influence your future with that ex.

I could see this song as a downer, but Chiddy Bang’s second half comes through (as should be expected by now.) Xaphoon Jones casts catchy magic here, his drillbit synths dialed back to delicately partner with the crooned hook. The chorus is one of the most fleshed out on the album. I’m surprised XJ hasn’t been picked up for an A-level releases yet.

A sidenote: it feels like Chiddy’s been rapping about green a lot more lately? Not a good look. You have to be a weed rapper like Curren$y or keep it sparing.

is it over? or is it too soon to tell?/ i’m just tryin not to push myself away from you/