To You Internet Misogynists


First of all, fuck you. It’s always been like, you know, an irritating thing that you’d attempted to co-opt the language of feminism and other civil rights struggles to cloak your sexist ideas in bullshit like “Men’s Rights” and calling this sexist garbage “activism.” And for a long time, I think a lot of people like me were down with ignoring this shit because it was juvenile and stupid, but also because it seemed like this tactic was clearly the same as racists whining about why there isn’t White History Month, or homophobes trying to have a Straight Pride Parade, something that anyone with half a brain could see is transparently a way to prop up the bigotry of people who already control the balance of power in this world.

But this Elliot Rodger mess brings up a way that this type of shit can affect people. Because, when you co-opt the rhetoric of revolution and struggle, it’s more than just “trolling” or some bullshit to make, you know, actual decent people angry. It’s language that can make a disturbed person think that defending bigotry is a legitimate struggle, that, in Rodger’s case, that owning and subjugating women is a cause worth killing and dying for. Because that’s what those words mean, you fucking garbage assholes, those words are for people who struggle from real oppression, to inspire people to sacrifice and never give up. The fact that straight white men have taken these words to rally around calcifying the bigotry that’s slipping from their fingers is truly disgusting, and now it’s more clear that it has fucking consequences.

Fuck you, you pieces of shit, fuck you.

Our ideas and words and actions can get people killed and, if my personal journey is any indication, it only takes baby-thought to trace the paths that lead there. It’s why I panic about every aspect of existence, but I really think it’s working out for me and, if not me, then the people around me.

I found myself getting wrapped up in several comment arguments attached to this one article about racism on Grantland over the past… three days?? oh god seriously it’s been that long I almost want to stop writing about this in shame

BUT I had a critical realization last night: even if the people I’m arguing with are parroting well-worn generalizations and refusing to consider anything I write to them, as long as I keep questioning what I know and double-checking my sources and actively searching for supplemental knowledge to make sure that my own words are as airtight as possible, then I’m learning something. Even if we’re just circle-jerking around the same topics and talking points, as long as I step back and do some cursory googling on whatever is being spewed at me (and then make sure to read enough of whatever paper I’m quoting as a retort,) my brain has leveled up. Even if my convictions don’t win, I win in myself.

What a pleasant feeling.

(and then I got to write that I won on my tumblr so take that racist fuckers)