Deskhop, “Damp”

In 2011 the creator of my two favorite mashups of all time (yes #1 is “Easternization” and #2 is “Commodity Fetishism” and u know i’ve listened to many a mashup) released five more tracks and didn’t even think to let me know, letting me randomly Google his name on a hopeful whim. Deskhop, I want to say it publicly and proudly on my tumblr so that nobody can deny it and it won’t be forgotten: you are totally forgiven bro. Still holding on to some of the vestiges of glitch fuckery that was at the forefront of his earlier work, he seems to be cleaning up his act a bit. These five songs all experience momentary bursts of the pristine pop swarmed by the chaos of a malfunctioning computer— the sound that originally drew me to Deskhop.

That said (and since I know he’s read my posts before, long long ago), I kinda want to take a moment and say “hey dude, don’t simplify! keep going bombastic and noisy and shattered-sounding and raw. It defined you for this listener in an era where too many people began to slap one song on another and call it a day.” Let it be known that these “new” tracks are dope! however i am not seeking dopeness but angelic elevation~