DJ Sega’s mix for Diplo And Friends
August 5th 2012

Official Tracklist:
1.) Sex Machine (DJ Sega Remix)
2.) 2Pac Back (DJ Sega Remix)
3.) Bacon Bits (Work)
4.) The Ham To Hammer Interlude
5.) (These are) The Breaks (DJ Sega Remix)
6.) The Beat Goes On (DJ Sega Remix)
7.) You Got Soul (DJ Sega Remix)
8.) O.T.I.S. (DJ Sega Remix)
9.) I Wish (DJ Sega Remix)
10.) Run The World Remix Part 2
11.) Run The World (DJ Sega Remix)
12.) 6 Ward Dumaine (DJ Sega Remix)
13.) Express Yourself (DJ Sega Remix)
14.) A Spoonful Of Sega
15.) Lift Off (DJ Sega Remix)
16.) Angry Birds
17.) Original Don (DJ Sega Remix)
18.) Internet Friends (DJ Sega Remix)

This is already a fine demonstration of piston-speed sampling, but at about 20 minutes in, Sega starts fucking around with the Otis Redding sample that Watch The Throne track “Otis” is built around. He builds a bonfire with it for four minutes, reaching its peak long after any other DJ would have the crowd itching for the next track. That’s why I love Philly club: you only need a sample one line long to Frankenstein into a whole new melody.

and that’s still several songs away from the “Express Yourself” remix

A friend of mine told me that, even though I love Diplo, she is going to marry him. I showed her a picture of me at a Diplo show, saying I was closer to his heart. She photoshopped herself onstage in that same picture. Here was my birthday gift to her: she may be next to Diplo, but I am within him. Checkmate.

Diplo, “No Problem (feat. Flinch & My Name Is Kay)”

Listening to his new EP Express Yourself, it’s easy to forget that Diplo is the mind behind all six tracks. A variety of contributors (10! Over six songs!) and sub-genres (6? I think?) mixes up your expectations, but Diplo’s hard-edged sexy sound slathered over each beat keeps you grounded and, ultimately, sated. “No Problem” pairs deep house synths with a rattling siren during the verses, then that siren slips a notch more delicate for the chorus kickdrum. Just when you think it’s possibly funky enough, a shredding electro riff punches along to the beat, and you don’t know whether to grind up on the nearest warm body or inflict headbang-whiplash on yourself. A surprise standout from a powerhouse EP. Check it.

Major Lazer, “Get Free feat. Amber Coffman”

Speaking of Diplo, I’ve seen him hyping this track on Twitter for the past week and retweeting fans’ reactions (“EPIC,” “is listening to this 100 times straight overkill?”) so I sat down to listen fully expecting to jump right back up like I got a dancehall in my pants-…all.

I cranked up the volume at the first notes, wondering where the beat was. The reggae carousel sound kept spinning along, and Amber’s vocals hopped on. My brain caught up, and after I clicked into what I was actually listening to, I got so pumped! One of my favorite Major Lazer songs is “Good Enough,” which has a similar stoned melancholy to it. Both of these tracks are wanting something more, but the unique timbre of Amber Coffman’s voice, (unique enough to hold its own amidst the rest of Dirty Projectors’ components,) trickling down each verse, makes her plea for freedom hold a little more weight than “Good Enough’s” relationship woes.

(And holy shit I just downloaded it from their site and it comes packaged with a remix by Bonde Do Role. Listen to that too, a fantastic example of remix as reinterpretation as opposed to genre shift.)

“Diplo – Bird Is The Word (Unofficial Music Video)”

well this doesn’t manage quite the unstoppable cinematography of “Express Yourself’s” unceasing Ass-jellos, but it highlights some motherfucking juke that feels like trance with the hard edge of, idk, favela music and some electro and some hiphop ghettoblasts

Diplo and Azealia Banks. Rapid-fire drumline, chattering raps. Nothing more needs to be said.