DJ Sega’s mix for Diplo And Friends
August 5th 2012

Official Tracklist:
1.) Sex Machine (DJ Sega Remix)
2.) 2Pac Back (DJ Sega Remix)
3.) Bacon Bits (Work)
4.) The Ham To Hammer Interlude
5.) (These are) The Breaks (DJ Sega Remix)
6.) The Beat Goes On (DJ Sega Remix)
7.) You Got Soul (DJ Sega Remix)
8.) O.T.I.S. (DJ Sega Remix)
9.) I Wish (DJ Sega Remix)
10.) Run The World Remix Part 2
11.) Run The World (DJ Sega Remix)
12.) 6 Ward Dumaine (DJ Sega Remix)
13.) Express Yourself (DJ Sega Remix)
14.) A Spoonful Of Sega
15.) Lift Off (DJ Sega Remix)
16.) Angry Birds
17.) Original Don (DJ Sega Remix)
18.) Internet Friends (DJ Sega Remix)

This is already a fine demonstration of piston-speed sampling, but at about 20 minutes in, Sega starts fucking around with the Otis Redding sample that Watch The Throne track “Otis” is built around. He builds a bonfire with it for four minutes, reaching its peak long after any other DJ would have the crowd itching for the next track. That’s why I love Philly club: you only need a sample one line long to Frankenstein into a whole new melody.

and that’s still several songs away from the “Express Yourself” remix

Just Jam 44 — DJ Sega

This was broadcast live on Wednesday. Nearly 50 minutes of the top Philly Club producer right now, a dude I’ve seen in Brooklyn cause I’m a cool dude myself, Mr. DJ Sega. I’ve never heard of the Just Jam series, but I’ll be checking out some of their other segments after this. All I know is that the next time I clean my room, Sega and I are gonna have ourselves a little party/feng shui consultation.

“Angry Birds Theme (DJ Sega remix)”

I think Bmore club is the only genre silly enough to handle a remix of this magnitude. So many samples to choose from! I saw DJ Sega in Brooklyn last year but he wasn’t really spinning Bmore. I still love everything he puts his hands on. MAD DECENT