Dr. Luke Officially Joining American Idol as 3rd Judge | E! Online

The guy responsible for the careers of past Idol winners more than Randy, Simon and Paula combined is taking point on the new season. He will decide the recipient of the next “Since U Been Gone.”

Anyway, more interesting: apparently nearly every single Idol finalist is worthy of their own Wikipedia page.

Dr. Luke Officially Joining American Idol as 3rd Judge | E! Online


Katy Perry, “California Girls feat. Snoop Dogg”

Dr. Luke has done it again! Kinda. While this doesn’t have the electro-rave of anything by Ke$ha (or “Party In The USA,”) it has a pretty sweet little funk riff during the chorus and a very easy to love sing-along too. Prepare to hear a lot of this over your summer, especially if you’re on the West Coast.

One thing I don’t understand are the comparisons to “Empire State of Mind.” Sure, they’re both anthems for their respective areas, but where ESM was braggadocio, this just feels like something to groove to. I feel like Katy Perry won’t perform this at the World Series anytime soon— not because it isn’t good, but because the same feeling isn’t there. MAYBE YOU’LL AGREE

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