Dear Coquette: On being undecided


What if I’ve decided to not vote for either candidate for President? I deeply believe in the democratic system but can’t bring myself to stand behind either candidate. Am I wrong for thinking that I’m better off voting for a third-party candidate, even though ultimately it won’t change the…

While I agree with Coke Talk, I’d also like to speak to another idea: every vote does count. If you vote for Obama in Georgia, he may be handily trounced by the Republicans throughout the state, but you’re still demonstrating that it’s worth campaigning there. You’re showing Democrats that, hey, if you move to Georgia at some point in the future, there will be at least some likeminded folks, and you can find them in these counties with these proportions. Your vote demonstrates to yourself and those around you that you care, and creates added pressure on you/your community to maintain the tradition of voting in future elections.

And the effect of all of this is compounded by voting for an alternate candidate that stands for what you stand for.

Dear Coquette: On being undecided