Ari Versluis, “Exactitudes”

Omen – Amsterdam 2014

Photographer Versluis recognizes little pocket categories of style, names them, and sets out into the world to prove you aren’t as original as you think. For the past 20 years he’s been catching subjects on the street and building his collection. See if you can find yourself here.

Pokemon Skater Dress

I’m close to broke so it’s a slight consolation knowing that I would be broke if I was a young lady about town.

Pokemon Skater Dress

Would YOU date Case-Case? | VFILES Status Update

Alright, I’m convinced, this is Tim and Eric meets fashion news. From the choppy editing to the flailing, disjointed body language.

“What else is up with dating?”
“Dates are kinda everywhere.”
“So it’s like a thing..? A date is like a thing?”
“My life is a date. I’m on a date right now.”