HE SLEEP!! (WorldStar Fight)

i wonder if one dude called the other one nappy

(Trust that this isn’t a simple fight video.)

The Fight with Hoyt from Far Cry 3

Obviously spoilers for these two scenes, they’re climactic ones from my favorite video game in recent memory. I don’t post them cause they’re badass (they are) or beautifully choreographed (those finishers, damn) but because they demonstrate this hallucinatory headspace that the player character, a privileged white college bro, enters whenever he deals with something he would see as badass himself. The entire game is about the hero myths we develop for our own narrative, and how they may betray us— but that betrayal isn’t clear from these examples, so just enjoy the pretty design that’s unlike anything else in a first-person shooter. And some stabs. Lots of stabs.