(I’m going to lift the point of this essay wholecloth, so you really should read it.)

On a week seeing attempts at rehabilitation of war hero (as in he’s a hero to wars for always supporting them) John McCain and candy-man George W. Bush, I was lucky enough to read about Samar Hassan. She’s pictured above. During the Iraq war, her parents were gunned down in front of her because dad was thought to be a suicide bomber. He was driving a little fast, after all. The photo captures the immediate aftermath.

Samar Hassan was interviewed for a 2017 documentary. Then eighteen years old, she was asked how she would reply if men like McCain and Bush told her they were sorry. She says:

I will never forgive them. I will just leave it to God. God will punish them. If they were in front of me, I would want to drink their blood. Even then I wouldn’t be satisfied.


I saw someone suggest on the internet that a particular picture of Rodney Dangerfield’s head be attached to a baby. So I did that. I’m having trouble figuring out why it still doesn’t look good: any ideas as to what makes his head so jarring and unnatural, lemme know. As of now I’m pretty certain I didn’t shade his head quite right, and I could’ve picked a baby looking the same direction Rodney was. But there’s still something else about this that makes me feel like I’m looking at a photoshop over a Good Photoshop.

Alternate post title: how i unwind from job-seeking