Girls Season 1: Trailer #2”

As I mentioned before, I got to see the first three episodes of Girls last Friday, and I am really excited for it to get started tomorrow. I expected humor similar to that of the unsaid “behind-the-words” comedy of Bridesmaids, which was new and fun for the big screen but would probably get obnoxious serialized; what I got was a show that’s witty and believable. The jokes are on contemporary feelings and topics, like Sex and the City and self-deprecation. For all the cringe-inducing moments this show has been hyped about, I didn’t find myself wincing much. (Much less than I’d think I would sitting next to a girl I had just met and watching Hannah [Lena Dunham] make sweet, painful, weird love to her boyfriend.) It just feels so real, and I don’t find the real world that cringe-worthy. Just laughable.

As sentimental as this trailer makes the show out to be, the affection the titular girls hold for each other gets you to feel like one of them; they’re so endearing, and once finishing the first three episodes I was disappointed that I’ll have to wait three more weeks than anyone else to start seeing new ones again. The conflicts that’ll carry the season were really beginning to brew, and they didn’t feel vapid like Sex and the City’s concerns were. Even as bratty as Hannah gets, she’s so hard on herself that you can’t help but care about her problems. Girls is a sudden burst of sweetness, breaking through the world-crumbling tension of young-adulthood, and with its cinematic nature, it feels like it could be the first emo-comedy.

(yeah i just coined a term bruh)