GTA V – Epic Swimming Pool Jumps

I’m attempting to write a longer piece gathering my thoughts about international touchstone GTA V and this video is a great demonstration of one of those very thoughts, but I couldn’t wait to post it.

As they do with every release in the series, Rockstar improved the technique (or “god-skill”) of creating a living, breathing, running, mugging, ramping, golfing city with Los Santos. There’s so much that most players will never see, loads of design begging to be exploited.

That’s where this digital Jackass comes in. There’s no reason to clamber up manors in Vinewood, so this guy created his own. How many fucking swimming pools are in this game that I won’t ever pass eyes over? How many natural ramps will my motorcycle fail to encounter? In what unknown ways can I mangle my character for only my satisfaction? The possibilities are limitless.


I am so happy to announce that I will be a radio DJ in @rockstargames new GTA V coming soon! Tune in! Woop woop

So I freaked when I a.) saw that there was a Mad Decent radio station in Saints Row IV and b.) discovered that the DJ introducing songs was Riff Raff. But this news… This is like… When did “Brian J.K. Regan” become the demographic that game companies are trying to appeal to? This is on some Get Out My Head, Charles shit, or maybe 18-34 year-old white male gamers pay more attention to fashion models and avant-garde rappers than I thought.