Tim Kreider, “The Summer That Never Was”

I suspect that the way I feel now, at summer’s end, is about how I’ll feel at the end of my life, assuming I have time and mind enough to reflect: bewildered by how unexpectedly everything turned out, regretful about all the things I didn’t get around to, clutching the handful of friends and funny stories I’ve amassed, and wondering where it all went. And I’ll probably still be evading the same truth I’m evading now: that the life I ended up with, much as I complain about it, was pretty much the one I chose. And my dissatisfactions with it are really with my own character, with my hesitation and timidity.

My favorite cartoonist is also one of my favorite essayists. I’m glad I don’t identify with him too much here. But maybe stories like his will help me be ready when the time comes. And it will come.

Phillies Fan Rips Home Run Ball Away From Old Lady

Not sharing this for the class act grandma-shovin Phillies fan but rather the sweet conclusion where a rep comes by with a shirt and some conversation. I dunno, there’s a tiny prickle of joy I feel when I see two people in a congenial conversation that I can hear none of. Reassuring to glance on happiness apart from my own.