Tyler the Creator, “DEATHCAMP”

I know I’m not the first, but can we reflect on how a teenage skate collective spawned Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean? Were these geniuses lucky to cross paths? Or were they always artists, emboldened by a team, a community of their own design? A lot of people might take that as “lol those kids would never make it on their own,” but I’m more interested in the freedom, the lack of self-consciousness engendered by a team fully supportive of your efforts. “We’re all creating, so just create.” Anyway, even though I worry that Tyler is being consumed by the Pharrell Effect (all dreamy funk and falsettos), he remains dedicated to sounding interesting & fresh. Whereas Earl is a lyricist and Frank croons, Tyler pushes at production, balancing “DEATHCAMP” on the edge of a prison riot riff.

Kendrick Lamar, “For Free? – Interlude”


Kendrick Lamar has accomplished something amazing by releasing a hip-hop album with an interlude that shouldn’t be promptly skipped. He scats his way through a blistering two minute rant on materialism and love, not to mention what’s expected of him as a black man in America, and you have to wonder where he pauses to breathe. It might not be needed when you’re compelled like K-Dot.

Apparently Outkast is coming back





If this is a lie….

I won’t do shit but be mad, but still.

ay big boi wife (soon to be ex) said the reason they ain’t got back together was that they gay lol she said big boi had naked pics of dre on his phone lmao



Truth of that rumor aside, if there is one quality that could add to the legend of Outkast it would be discovering that their music was charged by a romantic relationship between each other. That is the sort of information that could change hip hop forever.

Alternate thought: I saw Big Boi perform three years ago at NYU. He strung together an amazing medley of both Outkast songs and his own work. If half of the group can carry a hip-hop show better than any other I’ve seen (the only contenders would be Ludacris, Action Bronson and, funnily enough, Trillville), their tour together will be nothing short of legendary.

Game Of Thrones (Dominik Omega + The Arcitype Remix)

An in-depth rap over the TV theme song by a fan of the books, and possibly spoiler heavy? From what I can tell he just names certain people and events that haven’t come up yet. Keep an ear prepped for the Rains of Castamere shoutout and a finger prepped to click the free download link on the Youtube.

Watsky, “G.O.A.T. Fast Raps”

okay well I just spent like 15 minutes watching some of his videos and I’m a bunch more impressed. Also now I’m pretty sure he’s older than me, just precocious looking.

Wait shit and he’s a nationally acclaimed slam poet. Uh, sorry Sammy James, I eat my words: you don’t compare at all to George Watsky.


Hoodie Allen, “You Are Not A Robot (feat. Marina & The Diamonds)”

Sure, this guy is Chiddy Bang. Sped up indie sample: check. Understated and non-in-your-face flow: check. Silly pop culture referencing name: check. Rather polite: check.

But you can never have too much of a good thing— and it really helps that the original “I Am Not A Robot” is such a fantastic little piece of piano-pop. Sweet news that he’s releasing an album of all Marina samples! The dubstep-y bass is an interesting choice, but I guess it can’t totally be avoided at this point.. YEAH

slow up, sometimes i’m just feeling like a robot, sittin round hopin that you’ll show up