Icona Pop, “All Night”

Wow. These Swedes can do no wrong. It’s like they stole beats that Dada Life made for Britney. What would their live shows be like? I imagine loads of confetti and balloons and praising the inspirational-house goddess above (in addition to the two priestesses onstage), but this song shares the self-destructive qualities of “I Love It” and “Still Don’t Know.” It’s a rare tension in pop (icona lol).

Icona Pop, “I Don’t Care (Fix8 remix)”

There’s something about every great house song that propels it beyond the rest of the pack, but it’s hard to explain to others. It’s that this song could ping-pong up the Andes and you’d still catch it on the coast of the Galapagos. It’s about fist-pumping on Percoset instead of steroids and red bull. It uses the full spectrum of sound, and every frequency is perfectly poured into the frosted-ass mug of your eardrum. It’s knowing that this music was not written, but designed, and that’s more okay than anything ever.