This is a new—this is a new mentality. We’re not gonna control our kids with brands. We’re not gonna teach low self-esteem and hate to our kids. We’re gonna teach our kids that they can be something. We’re gonna teach our kids they can stand up for themselves. We’re gonna teach our kids to believe in themselves. If my grandfather were here right now, he would not let me back down. I don’t know what I’m gonna lose after this. It don’t matter though, because it ain’t about me. It’s about ideas, bro. New ideas, people with ideas, people who believe in truth.

Kanye West, speaking more public truth to power than any musical icon before him. Where are Michael Jackson’s polemics? Did Cobain elevate any of us? Who, historically, compares?

Fans are petitioning British rock festival Glastonbury to strip Kanye West of his headlining slot. If I wrote hypothetical retorts to every fifteener (so classed for their total minutes of fame), I’d… Well, maybe I’d feel good about my writing habits. But my motivation aside, the wretch at the head of this petition demanded my attention:

Lonsdale says he has no issue with hip-hop or artists from the genre. He stated: “My beef is not with the genre. My beef is with the stage and the fact it’s a headline slot.” He went on to say that West does not “represent anything. His songs are lyrically appalling”, he “totally disrespected Beck” at the Grammys in February and that “his Brits performance was just threatening”.

“I was a little surprised that people have taken it as seriously as they have,” he admitted. “Don’t get me wrong, if it works, then I’ll be more than happy. I’m not surprised it’s popular though. Festivals are about people coming together through their love of music and song, and creating something magical. Look back to Blur in 2009 – One of the band’s seminal moments – 100,000 people chanting “woo-hoo!” – That is what it’s about.”

“Kanye’s lyrics: appalling, threatening, decisively a black man’s. Blur’s woo-hoo’s: magical, seminal, more consciousness-expanding than my own squalling birth.” Lonsdale, don’t go to Glastonbury. You don’t like music. You like drunk white people chanting along to Blur, and we’ve got plenty of hockey games across the pond.

Kanye West, “The New Workout Plan”

Wait you’re telling me there’s an eight minute video for this song from 2004? I feel like I just unearthed something on an archeological dig, this is possibly my favorite song on The College Dropout. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find it uncensored. So many of the lines are dropped.

edit: what the hell is this interlude, who is this dude, he’s repping Atlanta, i am quite confused


Music Video of the Day: Nearly six months after an unfinished cut leaked onto the web, Kanye West finally released the official version of his “Monster” video.

Directed by Jake Nava, the non-misogynistic “art piece” features cameos from Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon does not appear in the video, despite his vocal contribution to the song.

(NSFW, Kanye West.)


I’ve been waiting for this. Schizophrenic Nicki realized on the screen and Kanye’s dark twisted fantasies played out. Too bad Jay-Z kills the pacing. Kanye’s best video yet though.


Kanye West, “Dark Fantasy”

I offered my simplistic opinion about Kanye’s album awhile ago, but I never really went into the music or what I felt about the album. The track I keep revisiting (okay, well.. track that isn’t “Monster”) is this. From the first Nicki Minaj fairytail recitation, Kanye blasts us with overpowered production. As an introduction to the album, it asks us to “respark the soul and rebuild the energy,” the forward-thinking theme of the whole work already in our face. A chorus with a choir pleading us to get higher, higher than ever thought possible.

Blatant drug jokes aside, the song taunts us to understand what comes after it. This is a fairytale, so can we even comprehend it?

twisted fiction/ sick addiction/ well gather round children, zip it, listen/


Kanye West Music Video of the Day: “Monster” (feat. Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Rick Ross & Bon Iver) [Explicit]

Third single off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. No clue how much longer this one’ll be up considering it’s both unofficial and incomplete, but it’s here for now so have at it.


Yeah watch this because I really doubt it’ll end up in rotation on MTV. Awesome re-appropriation of horror movie tropes and cliches, with the high fashion and slight silliness you’ve come to expect from Kanye. Also the song hasn’t shifted from the position of my favorite hip-hop track of the year (probably) so it’s always worth a listen! ALWAYS! NEVER STOP