Kitty Pryde, “285”

Kittaveli wrote an ode to recently-shuttered DIY Brooklyn venue 285 Kent (I linked to an article about its closing recently.) I’ve never seen her perform there, only LA, but this song is probably the most loving and wistful thing she’s ever done— which is saying something, given that nearly every song she writes is about the heaviest crush ever. Here she uses some angry-ish house synths to really open up the chorus at the end. It’s fun to dance to, but a little disconcerting.

we say goodbye i guess/ i will see you around/ and i will clean up my mess/ and i’ll never wear you down/

Kitty Pryde, “Orion’s Belt (feat. Riff Raff)”

I saw this the day it premiered but it took a rewatch on Friday to get me hooked on Kitty Pryde. Now I’ve listened to her new EP Haha, I’m Sorry about ten times and drilled the hazy elephant-walk beat of this track deep into my brain. The 19 year-old rapper met up with Riff Raff in Daytona Beach for a spur of the moment recording session and video shoot, and the low-budget result is garish and off-putting (sorta like Riff Raff himself.)

Kitty’s rhythm is effortless, and her cadence so detached— I see her hair and can’t help but imagine a rapping Lana Del Rey. Riff Raff, on the other hand, is the definition of effort. His halting verses sound like he’s actually making his tangential cultural references up on the spot. Sometimes his coherence suffers (he rhymes “rhinoceros” and “immaculate” right off the bat) but there are occasional flashes of brilliance (your girlfriend’s vagina smells like Bumblebee Tuna/ she duct-taped me to the dumpster otherwise I would have left sooner Riff!/)

Riff Raff just signed to Mad Decent for untold stacks (rumored $3 mil???) while Kitty Pryde hangs out with the likes of Danny Brown and Childish Gambino. I hope to see more of both.

wee! I can rap/ I’m not mean but you’re wack/