Flosstradamus, “Lana’s Theme (Free Drinkz remix)”

I love twerk so much. As long as the producer has an ear for melody, you can’t go wrong. Get some quick handclaps, a chattering drum machine, and after the drop cut the shit out of a chorus vocal sample however you please. Free Drinkz get respect here for keeping the heavy heavy bass of the original, unlike some of the more bouncy electro out there makin’ bootys shimmy.

Lana Del Rey? Have link?

To some of her songs? Here’s my fave, “Born to Die,” but I’m not a huge fan of the video (it’s a little soulless, just images that look appealing but no sense of motion throughout the whole piece.) Another good one is “Video Games.” I’m intrigued by her because her country voice is supported by lush and frequently dark pop production. Her lyrics leave something to be desired though, they’re sentimental and, well, trite sometimes. Born To Die (the album) is out tomorrow, and I’ve listened to like 25% of it today.

I’m surprised you haven’t heard of her, she’s an incredibly divisive figure in pop music right now, especially if you value the nebulous idea of “authenticity” in what you listen to.

Lana Del Rey, “Off to the Races”

What the hell is she doing? This sounds like a straight up pop song. Miley Cyrus could have released it… Which is a good thing.

I’m just confused because I have no idea what her album is gonna sound like. I do have a sneaking suspicion that nothing will hit the levels of “Born To Die.” This beat is similar but is just a little too upfront. Her voice doesn’t have the same sadness here either.

Lana Del Rey, “Born to Die”

I didn’t love “Video Games.” It’s pretty and the “it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you” grabs my ear, but this… This haunts. In spite of the heavy emotional content, Del Rey sounds perpetually detached, like she’s staring into the middle distance. She sings like a coal miner’s wife, but over a beat that could have come from a Drake album. A very cool, contemporary take on country crooning that excites me for her album— questions of authenticity be damned. I would not be surprised by a lot of radio play in her future.