Head full of tears and none will leave

Trailer for Lil Bub and Friendz

The final shot of this trailer makes me want to see a Kanye West “Power”-style music video featuring Bub lounging in all her splendor. It’s time for this documentary, which isn’t just about Bub: it’s an examination of cats as memes and why they’re a pervasive force across the internet. Maybe. I hope it is, but I’ll also be happy if it’s just famous cats lookin’ pretty, Bub most of all.

(And, as you may know about me thanks to this tumblr, Vice is one of my top three publications. If my love of this space creature is a vice then let me be judged [wait loving a space creature would 100% be a vice].)



I don’t know what happened to the Shibes, there hasn’t been an update in two weeks; but just as this man carries Bub through the streets of NYC, Bub will carry us through these troubling times