Lil Wayne, “6 Foot 7 Foot”

I simply can’t believe that this is the first time in hip-hop music video history where the director said to himself “what if we just provide literal interpretations of the rhymes?” This is basically Weezy’s version of “On To The Next One.” If Jay-Z is an art film, Lil Wayne is a cartoon.

I’m ripping videos straight from Pitchfork’s Best Music Videos of 2011 so go check that out if you don’t want me to spoonfeed you my faves.

Lil Wayne- Prom Queen


So help me god, if Lil Wayne’s new single inspires Limp Bizkit to make a return, I will personally destroy music. Like, all music.

No, but seriously, this is terrible. “I can’t feel my face” will have a whole new meaning when you can’t feel your face because this song is making you die.