This THURSDAY NIGHT, April 3rd, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (West), we’ve teamed up with our friends at Cartoon Network and clothing brand Rook, to bring you G1988 x Adventure Time, a group art show inspired by the awesome cartoon. The work for this show is REALLY REALLY GOOD, evident by the previewed pieces above. Over 65 artists will participate in the show! Rook will also be debuting their Adventure Time cap sure collection, and this exhibit will be the first place to purchase that as well. 

THIS EXHIBIT IS RSVP ONLY! You can easily RSVP to attend by emailing us at rsvpgallery1988@gmail.com. It is REQUIRED THAT YOU RSVP. The show will only run through April 6th.

Stop it g1988, you’re too perfect, I can attend art galleries and be a rambunctious child?

Lil Dicky, “Ex-Boyfriend”

This video was sent to me this morning by an ex-boyfriend of a girl I’m flirting with, both of them Los Angelinos that I’ve met since I moved out here. I’m happy that I’ve established myself enough in my new home to anger people with my love.

(This song is honestly funny, like a silly, raspy G-Eazy.)

A real thing

On Saturday night, my landlord, housemate, and new friend, Jeff, was biking around West Hollywood. At a stoplight, a Camaro with two men pulled up next to him. He turned and noticed a Glock pointed at his head. The driver asked “Are you ready to die, faggot?” Jeff, steeped in etiquette and ready to die, said “I hope you have a good rest of your night.” The gun was lowered, and the man replied “I guess this is your lucky day.” They sped off, and Jeff informed a police car around the corner that a maroon Camaro in the area contained a weapon. The police took this in as they do, and Jeff biked off.


Lights Out: Everyone loves making city time-lapse videos, especially as documentary filler footage — but NightFall, covering L.A. over a series of days and nights, stands ahead of the pack. 

It actually makes the smoggy hellhole look beautiful.


I may just be delirious from my 17 hour workday but I feel very alive and lucky right now so this video is hitting extra hard. My new home~