Major Lazer, “Smooth Sailing ft. Mr. Williamz”

The original “Jessica” by Major Lazer was close to one of my favorites on the album, but it felt a little empty despite Ezra Koenig’s frenchy coos. This remix does away with that, bringing in a Mr. Williamz to get the dubsters slow-dancing. The original let a lover go like the climax to a cold New Wave film. We know he misses her here.

Major Lazer, “Bubble Butt (ft. Tyga, Bruno Mars and Mystic)”

Weekend anthem #1 of 2. There were at least two taxi rides and three incidents at a party where I tried to find this song on Youtube, but for some reason apps with access to the YT servers cut out a TON of unofficial song releases. Something to do with international access maybe?

This is like arriving at the sister strip club of “Rack City,” but here all the dancers are smiling and there’s lush carpet rather than cracked concrete.

Major Lazer, “Get Free feat. Amber Coffman”

Speaking of Diplo, I’ve seen him hyping this track on Twitter for the past week and retweeting fans’ reactions (“EPIC,” “is listening to this 100 times straight overkill?”) so I sat down to listen fully expecting to jump right back up like I got a dancehall in my pants-…all.

I cranked up the volume at the first notes, wondering where the beat was. The reggae carousel sound kept spinning along, and Amber’s vocals hopped on. My brain caught up, and after I clicked into what I was actually listening to, I got so pumped! One of my favorite Major Lazer songs is “Good Enough,” which has a similar stoned melancholy to it. Both of these tracks are wanting something more, but the unique timbre of Amber Coffman’s voice, (unique enough to hold its own amidst the rest of Dirty Projectors’ components,) trickling down each verse, makes her plea for freedom hold a little more weight than “Good Enough’s” relationship woes.

(And holy shit I just downloaded it from their site and it comes packaged with a remix by Bonde Do Role. Listen to that too, a fantastic example of remix as reinterpretation as opposed to genre shift.)

Diplo “cameo” in the newly released video for Major Lazer’s “Original Don.” Check out that Guan Yu lookin blade that grandma is picking up too.

JAKAZiD, “PONPONPON De Floor (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ vs. Major Lazer)”

Not safe for work, but you’ve probably seen the Pon De Floor video enough times to know that by now. I am definitely including this next time I DJ. The collision of the pitch-perfect fluff of j-pop with the dancehall dirty dutch of Major Lazer is like watching the corruption of innocence. The course of history has been irrevocably altered. We’ll never forget this day.

Major Lazer, “Good Enough (The Killabits remix)”

Wait, you mean to tell me that this is a dubstep remix of a dub song? And so it makes musical sense to translate between the genres? And the trademark dubstep wobble can be used to accompany the original melody in any dubstep remix, and that this shouldn’t be the exception? Well feather my cap and call me overly-critical of dubstep!

Major Lazer, “Good Enough feat. Collie Buddz and Lindie Ortega”

If you don’t know Major Lazer at all, you should start from page one of Wampoholic and catch up. Here’s a track from Lazers Never Die, their newly released EP.

While I will never profess to knowing anything about dub or reggae, I haven’t found a song as sad as this in the genre. Then again, there’s a lot more pop in here than one would expect. Ripping the guitar lick from Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” almost verbatim and throwing in a non-accented vocalist makes this pretty damn accessible.

we try baby but we’re going south/ i try baby but you’re full of doubt/ so tell me what am i to do right now/ light it up light it up and hope it don’t burn out/