No Man

hi folks: thought I should let you know that I’m not a man. This has nothing to do with my sexuality or any type of dysphoria, it means no change in pronouns, but like holy wow yall poisoned the well. please PUHLEASE do not associate me with men. I would rather not be thought of as perpetually violent, creepy, and farting. i mean don’t associate me with women as a group either, but lets start with disavowing the obvious and go from there



Men Kill

Wives were more likely than husbands to be killed by their spouse. Wives were about half of all spouses in the population in 2002 but 81% of all persons killed by their spouse. Girlfriends were more likely than boyfriends to be victims of murder.

Girlfriends were about 50% of all boyfriend-girlfriend relationships but 71% of all victims who were a boyfriend
or girlfriend of the murderer.

Bureau of Justice report on Family Violence, 2002

Do not be misled by folks who rattle off statistics about how women initiate more domestic violence than men, or that men under-report domestic violence against themselves. True as that may be, these figures above are the end of the argument: more women die at the hands of a loved one, and more loved ones in these incidents are men.

Do not trust anybody who says that domestic violence is a “human” problem rather than a man problem. Everyone should practice non-violence and, a step further, reacting non-violently in the face of violence. As it is, men must be taught this vigorously and constantly, moreso than women. Men are the ones who kill, whether they trigger the conflict or not. Men kill.

Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men

I’ve held the opinion for awhile now that, if you stare at someone’s face, it’s very easy to trick your brain into seeing them as the opposite gender. If you shaved my face, gave me long hair and slapped some make-up on me, took a picture, printed it out wallet-sized, went to a friend who didn’t know me and showed your friend and said “This is my girlfriend, Briana,” I doubt your friend would know I was a man. Not because I’m particularly feminine (well, barring my body language), but because we mainly use secondary sexual characteristics to distinguish ourselves from the other sex. Or your buddy was just trying to be polite about poor ugly Briana. Looks like you’ll have to be the one to find out

Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men

Men and women live in different worlds. At core, men are afraid women will laugh at them, while at core, women are afraid men will kill them.

Gavin De Becker

Every once in awhile I begin to think that, as people, we aren’t all so different from each other. We cross our arms when we feel uncomfortable, we all think small talk is a waste of time; then I encounter a piece of information which reminds me that, no matter how similar our quirks, there are huge fundamental differences in perception between certain groups. This is one of those moments.