September 2016

Didn’t I warn you? A lot of 2016’s best here, I already know it. So much that I’m certain I didn’t order this playlist that well. Too many decisions to make. I already wrote about “the valley,” but there’s the beach-bound tropimelancholia of Big Z’s “Fading” remix, the anti-drop chalkboard-nails of GTA’s “Quit This City,” and the pop perfection of the RAC’s “Back of the Car” … So earwormy in its who~oas that I had to fit the original and a remix in here (hint: the remix is better). There’s weird (Wahlid’s “Just 2 Boyz”), there’s earth-rattling (GIRLI’s “ASBOys”), and there’s other songs that have nothing to do with boys.

And October ain’t slowin’.

September 2016


Miguel, “the valley”

Well, here’s one that I can’t ever put on a mixtape for a woman. Unless it’s the only one worth putting on the mixtape. Listen and you’ll understand.

But it’s not just the sexuality that has me into (like enjoying, not penetrating) this spiritual homage to NIN’s “Closer,” it’s the vulnerable belting of Vall~ey and the slow build of the vocals over the trudging, thrusting steamworks beat. It was the start of summer that I discovered “Waves,” and months earlier that I found “Coffee;” wonder which next song from this album I’ll first hear around the holidays and immediately fall in love with?

Miguel, “Coffee ft. Wale”

I was gonna say something about only Miguel’s coffee being able to wake Wiz out of his stoned haze for this smooth morning groove, but turns out its Wale. A fresh brew all the same.